She was walking on the grass bare footed.The greenery spawn miles across and she was like a butterfly fluttering away in the amass.But inside her everything was collapsing.She was afraid, nervous but then she was trying to feel alive,to breathe.She was claustrophobic,confined in a world she didn’t belong.

Because I am a woman


Because I am a woman so my place is in the kitchen…
Because I am a woman I have low iq by birth…
Because I am a woman I cannot have an opinion…
Because I am a woman I have no interest in politics or world affairs…
Because I am a woman I entertain men by dancing in skimpy clothes…
Because I am a woman I don’t like sci-fi movies…
Because I am a woman I am not a man…



Freedom, sounds like a familiar term,doesn’t it? We have wars on the name of freedom,but are we ever actually free? We are not even born free. All our lives we are enslaved by one thing or another. You can never do what you feel like what you should do or you want to. Because we all live in a society and the norms of society abides us to follow certain rules,killing free will. So that freedom is certainly not there. Then you have your desires which bind you and command you to do certain things in life, but you can’t always get everything you desire.Seems like we are not a free creature eh? And then comes your family, you need to do thing to please your father, your mother, even when what you want is completely different.So your whole life you live imprisoned in one barrier or another and then boast saying,we live in a free country!Come on. Sometimes I really wonder what it would be like to be a bird,free bird of course not caged.To fly wherever I want to,whenever I want. No one telling me what I should wear and what I shouldn’t. No one telling me when should i sleep, when should i wake up,when to eat,when to have my bath,whom to talk to,when to talk to someone.I am waiting for a day when I would be free, are we all waiting or anyone is actually free?

One day I would just be free,I know I would be.

That thing called satisfaction

Slowly, but steadily the volumne of serious posts are increasing,huh? Can’t help it folks!
It just so happened that today I was pondering..ya,I was actually thinking something! πŸ˜‰ I don’t do it too often but then sometimes I just can’t help it. Even the most foolish people of all, at somedays have their wise/enlightening days.

Since past 3 months I haven’t been on any vacation and that really exhausted the life out of me. I was getting more irritated, dissatisfied with life and desperately needed a break. And then I started cursing how much I had to work/slog.But then in office today I just went to fill up my water bottle and saw this lady. This lady had squint in both her eyes and was working as a cleaner in office, but there she was sitting and having tea peacefully. She had a smile on her face. This made me wonder why am I not happy with what I have. Why is it so that seeing people even more miserable than us makes us realise the importance of what we have? Why are we unable to appreciate what we have?

How can one achieve satisfaction? Is it some golden mythical bird? I guess, in this busy and fast paced life, tough and competitive world, it is difficult to satiate one’s greed and desires.
So here I am for a day deciding and acting upon my satisfaction, to feel relaxed and calm with what I have. I love my family,my job, I love whatever I have! Yeah I really do πŸ™‚ At least for today πŸ˜›

Ah! Love




We as humans being blessed with a inquisitive and capable mind to conquer over the whole world and belittle the existence of all other creatures,tend to talk about love so often than not. So what is this love? How do you define it? Get it and most importantly live it?

Many a times I see young couples fighting with their parents to be with the guy/girl they love.Their existence as themselves seems to be of no significant value without the presence of their loved one. But you love your parents too right? And I am pretty sure that very few people can say that their parents loved them less than they loved their parents.Then how come you are ready to leave your parents for that new object of affection(your lover)? Well, that is how powerful and misleading love is.

Love is often mistaken by attachment to a person. Love is more about just loving. Love is not “getting” the other person but “letting” the other person be.Β Love is not just being with the other person. You can love a person your whole life without even being in contact with them. Wishing them good fortune and good life in your prayers. That is love.

People who commit suicide for love are merely foolish and stupid. They don’t know or understand love. If they really love someone and can’t be with them ,then that doesn’t imply you should go and die. Life is precious and it moves on. Do you suicide after your mom/dad dies while you are still in your teens/twenties? No right? You make peace with the fact and accept it and move on in life. You learn to give that love you had, to others and get it in return manyfolds. So go out and give your love to someone who is in need,instead of wasting your life. There are so many orphans,devoid of love and basic care. Adopt one! Or else there are the elderly being astrayed by their own children and living in vehemous conditions. Give some of your time to them. Or go and create awareness in other people of your age regarding education,sex or importance of living.

Love is nothing but an extension of yourself. The way you care for someone, it is not specific to gender,caste or religion,it is for all.So keep loving and keep living!

Shaadi ke side effects

Most of the people say that things change a lot after marriage. Well, after being married for past 6 months I concur with the general opinion. Being married is a completely different experience and it does changes a lot of things. Listing down few things for a start:

1) The size :

Yes, all those clothes which you loved to wear and your gorgeous figure soon starts expanding with a rate directly proprtional to the amount of food eaten and the time passed. Mr hansmukh used to be slim ,fit and gorgeous before marrriage, here’s a before and after of him.



2) The habits :

Before marriage Mr and Mrs lived in different cities,but now when they are living together they have to cope up with each other’s annoying habits. Like the Mr chewing up his lower lip at an interval of every 1 minute. Or the Mrs forgetting things.


3) Anger management:

Mr turned out be a very angry old man πŸ˜› Less than a minute of things not happening his way and he will burst on you. Mrs never knew about the ‘other’ creature in him. πŸ˜‰ Similarly Mr never knew what will Mrs turn into when he gets in hulk mode.


4) The stubborn stubble:

Mrs. always had a tendency of lurking towardsΒ clean shaved men and she commmunicated this to the Mr before marriage. But much to her surprise it turned out that the Mr hardly shaves once a week. Before marriage he wanted to impress the Mrs so he appeared clean shaven at all their meetings/dates.



Having discussed about the major marriage side effects and how maturely Mr and Mrs are coping with them,I am done rambling for today. Love you guys! Bye!

The Beginning of an adventure


Well,it’s been a while that the posts have been pouring onto this site. And here comes the most important of all.Mr Hansmukh thought it’s time we make the announcement. πŸ™‚

Yes,we are getting married and I would officially be Mrs Hansmukh πŸ˜€ (yay!). So,we were working on the invite and there came the section our story πŸ˜‰

So here it is:


Hi dear friends! Here we are,ready to read vows and spend the rest of our lives together.But whenever we share this news to any of you,we are posed the question: So how did this happen?

Well,to be honest it just happened,and we didn’t realise how and when, but we can summarise the whole story for you.As they say,life has it’s own ways,you never know where would the next turn/next moment land you upto.Even the smallest of events lead up to the greatest surprises in life…We would call it destiny who brought us together.Our saga is somewhat similar to the story narrated below:

Once upon a time,there lived a monkey Mojo jojo.He was smart,curious and handsome.He was busy eating bananas and hopping from one tree to another,and hence passed the most glorious years of his life.Until,one fine day a fine lass came to live next to the tree he lived,the litchi tree.Our hero mojo jojo was never intrigued by litchi and hardly ever wandered or lingered over that tree.But now things were going to change.

All the paths now went en-route the litchi tree.More often then not they crossed ways and looked at each other.Both shy to talk or introduce themselves.Mojo jojo came up with an idea for the smart guy he is.He asked his sister to talk to the fine lass whom he came to know as Basanti.And so for the first time Basanti heard about Mojo jojo from his dear sister.Finally they got acquainted,not directly but yes in words.

And so began their story,the aquaintance was soon turned to friendship and then they didn’t realise when they landed here,on this page telling you this stupid story of theirs. πŸ™‚

For further details of the story,please be there in Delhi on 19 Nov 2013 where another chapter of the story begins.Welcome to the beginning of the story!

Love you all πŸ™‚

Smiling at Strangers


For a long period of my significant existence on his planet I have developed a hobby of smiling at strangers ,thinking that it may lighten up their day or send a positive vibe.Honestly,I don’t know why I do so,it just feels good doing that πŸ˜›

Lately,I learned it is a good gesture and reflects how social you are,how much you respect humanity and blah blah blah stuff. Whenever I flash out that colgate smile of mine,it is received by different people in different ways.Words won’t do much justice highlighting those reactions but the doodles,I hope they do πŸ™‚

1)The shocked prey:

Some of them look surprised/shocked,making face like, who is this idiot,strange lady,do I borrow her some money and today she has caught me,I have forgotten how she even looked like.Is she a friend of friend or something and they will keep racking their brains trying to conjure the relationship.


2)The handsome hunk:

Most often than not,when I encounter the species of opposite sex who is 5,8 or above in height my smile broadens a bit more and can be classified to be something between weird and funny.The much taller folk on the other hand,always appreciates this kind of smile and returns the gesture with a cute little smile which further leads to the broadening of the weird smile on my face.


3) The cute girl:

Quite occasionally,the smile is passed onto another cute girl πŸ˜‰ At those times your kind smile is greeted with another cute smile and sometimes,a hesitating smile conveying,I am not gay. :\


4) The mango people

The mango people or the aam aadmi,who isn’t inflicted with any psychotic disorder like me or you πŸ˜› ,at such situations offers the other person with one of his/her humblest smile.

ImageSo,do you smile at strangers and are reciprocated in similar ways?Or have had some different experiences.And most importantly,kya aapke toothpaste mein namak h? πŸ˜›