Well being married since last 2.5 years have taught me a lot of things.Most important that you not only marry the person but the whole family.I love my hubby’s whole family..all but one.As I have got the typical,cynical and classical saas(mother in law).

I always thought that it depends on you how well you handle any relationship but time has taught me that a relationship is not only about you.It’s about both persons involved in a relationship.And I have given up on my relationship with her.I tried my best to respect her and love her like my mother but that only ended up in hurting me in the long run.Hurt so badly that i went into depression for sometime.

If i start counting and narrating all the instances than one post won’t be enough.It would require 50-60 posts…ha ha…

So now I don’t treat her like my mother but just another guest in our house and that helps!The only agony being, this guest lives with us with an exception of 2-3 months a year.Those months used to be my healing period before I can be hurt again.But then, now I have changed and so have things.Ofcourse for the better!

The wait has again started after her arrival..Atithi tum kab jaoge?