Bihar exclusive:


Girl likes boy.Boy likes girl.Both decide to get married.Girls and Boys parents conversation:

Girl’s Parents : What are your expectations?How should the wedding arrangements be done?

Boy’s Parents : We have one daughter also whom we need to marry.So we can’t spend any penny on our boy’s marriage.You should do all the wedding arrangements and engagement and whatever gold you want to give your daughter,please do.But make sure at least its 20 tulas(200g).This is like the minimum threshold.If you want to give more than your wish.

Girls Parents: This sounds reasonable.We agree.
(Me : WTF!Reasonable???)

Boy’s Parents: Our son is an ISB product.His market value is 25 lakhs,perhaps even more.So if you can afford that much cash too then this deal is final.

Girl’s parents: Sure.Why not?We slogged all life and saved all money for our daughter only not for our old age.She is such a burden.Just take our daughter,we are ready to pay you 25 lakhs.Infact we will try and give more.

After knowing about the deal.

Girl : Yeh!We are getting married.My parents saved their hard earned money for this dowry only.Apne yaha yahi toh chalta hai.Chalo deal is final.I am so excited!

Boy : Yes.Let us start shopping using your parent’s hard earned money.I don’t have caliber to marry you myself without all the cash.You are my dream come true.I am so lucky to be a well educated Bihari boy.


How the girl boy conversation should have been:

Girl: Yaar,don’t you think this dowry and all is wrong and ruining our society.Female foeticide is so high in our country because of all this.What if my parent’s can’t afford 200g gold or 25 lakhs?Or bear all wedding expense themselves.Would you not marry me then?And why should they spend all their hard earned life savings like this?Aren’t we capable and educated enough to make a living ourselves?

Boy : You are right sweetheart.We can have a small wedding and avoid all this.Let’s both talk to our parents about this.


P.S.: Above scenario are my own thoughts about dowry in bihar.If it bears resemblance to any real situation then it’s just a sad coincidence.