Freedom, sounds like a familiar term,doesn’t it? We have wars on the name of freedom,but are we ever actually free? We are not even born free. All our lives we are enslaved by one thing or another. You can never do what you feel like what you should do or you want to. Because we all live in a society and the norms of society abides us to follow certain rules,killing free will. So that freedom is certainly not there. Then you have your desires which bind you and command you to do certain things in life, but you can’t always get everything you desire.Seems like we are not a free creature eh? And then comes your family, you need to do thing to please your father, your mother, even when what you want is completely different.So your whole life you live imprisoned in one barrier or another and then boast saying,we live in a free country!Come on. Sometimes I really wonder what it would be like to be a bird,free bird of course not caged.To fly wherever I want to,whenever I want. No one telling me what I should wear and what I shouldn’t. No one telling me when should i sleep, when should i wake up,when to eat,when to have my bath,whom to talk to,when to talk to someone.I am waiting for a day when I would be free, are we all waiting or anyone is actually free?

One day I would just be free,I know I would be.