Slowly, but steadily the volumne of serious posts are increasing,huh? Can’t help it folks!
It just so happened that today I was pondering..ya,I was actually thinking something! 😉 I don’t do it too often but then sometimes I just can’t help it. Even the most foolish people of all, at somedays have their wise/enlightening days.

Since past 3 months I haven’t been on any vacation and that really exhausted the life out of me. I was getting more irritated, dissatisfied with life and desperately needed a break. And then I started cursing how much I had to work/slog.But then in office today I just went to fill up my water bottle and saw this lady. This lady had squint in both her eyes and was working as a cleaner in office, but there she was sitting and having tea peacefully. She had a smile on her face. This made me wonder why am I not happy with what I have. Why is it so that seeing people even more miserable than us makes us realise the importance of what we have? Why are we unable to appreciate what we have?

How can one achieve satisfaction? Is it some golden mythical bird? I guess, in this busy and fast paced life, tough and competitive world, it is difficult to satiate one’s greed and desires.
So here I am for a day deciding and acting upon my satisfaction, to feel relaxed and calm with what I have. I love my family,my job, I love whatever I have! Yeah I really do 🙂 At least for today 😛