We as humans being blessed with a inquisitive and capable mind to conquer over the whole world and belittle the existence of all other creatures,tend to talk about love so often than not. So what is this love? How do you define it? Get it and most importantly live it?

Many a times I see young couples fighting with their parents to be with the guy/girl they love.Their existence as themselves seems to be of no significant value without the presence of their loved one. But you love your parents too right? And I am pretty sure that very few people can say that their parents loved them less than they loved their parents.Then how come you are ready to leave your parents for that new object of affection(your lover)? Well, that is how powerful and misleading love is.

Love is often mistaken by attachment to a person. Love is more about just loving. Love is not “getting” the other person but “letting” the other person be. Love is not just being with the other person. You can love a person your whole life without even being in contact with them. Wishing them good fortune and good life in your prayers. That is love.

People who commit suicide for love are merely foolish and stupid. They don’t know or understand love. If they really love someone and can’t be with them ,then that doesn’t imply you should go and die. Life is precious and it moves on. Do you suicide after your mom/dad dies while you are still in your teens/twenties? No right? You make peace with the fact and accept it and move on in life. You learn to give that love you had, to others and get it in return manyfolds. So go out and give your love to someone who is in need,instead of wasting your life. There are so many orphans,devoid of love and basic care. Adopt one! Or else there are the elderly being astrayed by their own children and living in vehemous conditions. Give some of your time to them. Or go and create awareness in other people of your age regarding education,sex or importance of living.

Love is nothing but an extension of yourself. The way you care for someone, it is not specific to gender,caste or religion,it is for all.So keep loving and keep living!