Most of the people say that things change a lot after marriage. Well, after being married for past 6 months I concur with the general opinion. Being married is a completely different experience and it does changes a lot of things. Listing down few things for a start:

1) The size :

Yes, all those clothes which you loved to wear and your gorgeous figure soon starts expanding with a rate directly proprtional to the amount of food eaten and the time passed. Mr hansmukh used to be slim ,fit and gorgeous before marrriage, here’s a before and after of him.



2) The habits :

Before marriage Mr and Mrs lived in different cities,but now when they are living together they have to cope up with each other’s annoying habits. Like the Mr chewing up his lower lip at an interval of every 1 minute. Or the Mrs forgetting things.


3) Anger management:

Mr turned out be a very angry old man 😛 Less than a minute of things not happening his way and he will burst on you. Mrs never knew about the ‘other’ creature in him. 😉 Similarly Mr never knew what will Mrs turn into when he gets in hulk mode.


4) The stubborn stubble:

Mrs. always had a tendency of lurking towards clean shaved men and she commmunicated this to the Mr before marriage. But much to her surprise it turned out that the Mr hardly shaves once a week. Before marriage he wanted to impress the Mrs so he appeared clean shaven at all their meetings/dates.



Having discussed about the major marriage side effects and how maturely Mr and Mrs are coping with them,I am done rambling for today. Love you guys! Bye!