Well,it’s been a while that the posts have been pouring onto this site. And here comes the most important of all.Mr Hansmukh thought it’s time we make the announcement. 🙂

Yes,we are getting married and I would officially be Mrs Hansmukh 😀 (yay!). So,we were working on the invite and there came the section our story 😉

So here it is:


Hi dear friends! Here we are,ready to read vows and spend the rest of our lives together.But whenever we share this news to any of you,we are posed the question: So how did this happen?

Well,to be honest it just happened,and we didn’t realise how and when, but we can summarise the whole story for you.As they say,life has it’s own ways,you never know where would the next turn/next moment land you upto.Even the smallest of events lead up to the greatest surprises in life…We would call it destiny who brought us together.Our saga is somewhat similar to the story narrated below:

Once upon a time,there lived a monkey Mojo jojo.He was smart,curious and handsome.He was busy eating bananas and hopping from one tree to another,and hence passed the most glorious years of his life.Until,one fine day a fine lass came to live next to the tree he lived,the litchi tree.Our hero mojo jojo was never intrigued by litchi and hardly ever wandered or lingered over that tree.But now things were going to change.

All the paths now went en-route the litchi tree.More often then not they crossed ways and looked at each other.Both shy to talk or introduce themselves.Mojo jojo came up with an idea for the smart guy he is.He asked his sister to talk to the fine lass whom he came to know as Basanti.And so for the first time Basanti heard about Mojo jojo from his dear sister.Finally they got acquainted,not directly but yes in words.

And so began their story,the aquaintance was soon turned to friendship and then they didn’t realise when they landed here,on this page telling you this stupid story of theirs. 🙂

For further details of the story,please be there in Delhi on 19 Nov 2013 where another chapter of the story begins.Welcome to the beginning of the story!

Love you all 🙂