For a long period of my significant existence on his planet I have developed a hobby of smiling at strangers ,thinking that it may lighten up their day or send a positive vibe.Honestly,I don’t know why I do so,it just feels good doing that πŸ˜›

Lately,I learned it is a good gesture and reflects how social you are,how much you respect humanity and blah blah blah stuff. Whenever I flash out that colgate smile of mine,it is received by different people in different ways.Words won’t do much justice highlighting those reactions but the doodles,I hope they do πŸ™‚

1)The shocked prey:

Some of them look surprised/shocked,making face like, who is this idiot,strange lady,do I borrow her some money and today she has caught me,I have forgotten how she even looked like.Is she a friend of friend or something and they will keep racking their brains trying to conjure the relationship.


2)The handsome hunk:

Most often than not,when I encounter the species of opposite sex who is 5,8 or above in height my smile broadens a bit more and can be classified to be something between weird and funny.The much taller folk on the other hand,always appreciates this kind of smile and returns the gesture with a cute little smile which further leads to the broadening of the weird smile on my face.


3) The cute girl:

Quite occasionally,the smile is passed onto another cute girl πŸ˜‰ At those times your kind smile is greeted with another cute smile and sometimes,a hesitating smile conveying,I am not gay. :\


4) The mango people

The mango people or the aam aadmi,who isn’t inflicted with any psychotic disorder like me or you πŸ˜› ,at such situations offers the other person with one of his/her humblest smile.

ImageSo,do you smile at strangers and are reciprocated in similar ways?Or have had some different experiences.And most importantly,kya aapke toothpaste mein namak h? πŸ˜›