Unlike the title this post isn’t about some creepy hollywood flick,rather something of a boring treasure hunt.Mr and Mrs Hansmukh wanted to get engaged to become official Hansmukh’s,hence like the common love birdies they decided to search for “The Ring” for each other.


As children get excited for toys,so was their infatuation for finding the perfect ring for each other.On the set day they both started their conquest to search for “The Ring”Β  in their respective cities.The Mrs. after 6 hours of long search and walking on the streets of bangalore bought a set of gold earrings to make the day fruitful. And the Mr.,well Mr Hansmukh ended up buying 3-4 shirts and 2-3 trousers.

new shirtsearringsAfter so much of efforts they weren’t still satisfied.Hence they decided they would do this herculean task together on Mrs Birthday.

Mr Hansmukh flew to Bangalore yet again for celebrating Mrs birthday and they went on another trip.Mysore and Shivasamudram to be precise,whose details we might discuss in some other post, in some blog,in some alternative future.But until then a glimpse of the trip:

Mysore magic - 80

During their last conquest for the ring,the Mr and the Mrs looked for only gold rings or gold with diamond,but then their friend’s suggested they should rather go for a platinum ring.Bugged by the idea they thought it is worth a try and they landed up in Joy Alukkas,Jayanagar,Bangalore. A jewellery shop close to where Mrs. gave her Birthday treat “Gufha“.

The Mr and Mrs went to the topmost floor of the storeΒ  where the precious platinum collection is present and instantly fell in love with those rings.As much as they loved each other,the rings just seemed perfect,their long and tiring search now seemed to come to an end.It was their platinum day of love as they decided to bond their silly love with these elegant rings.Their heart skipped a beat when they finally chose the rings and put them.These were the rings they chose:

Platinum-Love-Bands-high-resolution-image These one have diamonds on them,but the ones they selected didn’t have any diamond.Now that their mission ring was salvaged they gave their sizes and requested for an engraving on the ring,which was denied by the store staff much to their amazement and disappoinment. 😐

And then the biggest disappointment yet,the staff said the rings would be available after a month for their respective sizes,though the Mr was flying in few days.Hence they again came to point blank 😦

Nevertheless,The Mr promised to get the perfect rings and as for the update he did and I am delighted! Yay!

The Mr and Mrs are now awaiting yet another adventure wherein they would be getting engaged officially,will be posting the details as and when things happen! πŸ™‚