Only few months are left before the beginning of the adventure for Mr. and Mrs. Being the curious creature they are, they wanted to foresee how the adventure trip might seem like, so they hit it off a bit early. The Mr. after hours of persuasion and buckets of tears agreed to visit the Mrs. and go to Nandi with the bandi. Both were anxious, fearful, excited and passionate about it at the same time, an amalgamation of feelings, their first outing together.And how did it turn out? Ah well,this is what I am going to tell you,a narration of the beginning of an adventure story.

So, it all started sometime in June end when Mr. flew to Bangalore to spend some quality and ‘we’ time with the Mrs. as per demand of time…not the Mrs. 😛 Mr. wanted to woo the Mrs. and sweep her off her feet and so he did some pre preps. He planned a romantic or I should say adventurous evening with the Mrs., starting from boating in lake, to fountain show and ending with dinner having sight of Bangalore from some restaurant he read a lot about in a blog(Ebony to be specific).

So this is how the supposed to be romantic evening turned out to be.;) They reached the lake to know the time for boating is over and there’s a motor boat ride available with 10 fellow travelers. Nonetheless, they hopped in and with the wroooom of the motor boat started their little adventure. They looked around, flew some pj’s and took pics. Fair enough right?


Plus,they had a stroll in the nearby garden where they can see few love birds singing khoochikoo as shown in pic below.over

And then there was an epic statue of Swami Vivekanand seeing which our nerdy Mr. got very excited and asked the Mrs. a question to test her IQ(late but better than never),who do you think this is sweety haart..He asked..The Mrs. promptly said Subhash Chandra Bose with a big smile on her face and the statue smiled seeing poor Mr. face at that moment.


The Mr.’s curiosity wasn’t satiated and so they went to see the statue from close where some 21 odd wise quotes were framed on the rock below the statue. The Mrs. now was keen too and analyzed and read all the quotes with great interest which disturbed a lot of birdies doing kuchikoo under that rock where she was reading. It more seemed like she was analyzing kuchikoo and not the quotes, which let me tell you isn’t right. The Mrs was greatly intrigued by the sophisticated yet simple and meaningful words from Swami Vivekanad alias Subhash Chandra Bose.

(might be continued)…