It was raining incessantly and the clouds roared ,thundered and poured over the Imagecity.She stood by the window watching the rain and wondering.She was also sodden,her heart was laden with grief and wanted to pour out as the heavy dark clouds did.But life has taught her to carry this burden and be calm and serene as a bright clear day.

She remembered the day when she first came to this city.It was rainy season.The city was all wet and the life was almost at halt with long traffic jams.Life was particularly very slow in this city,the city of Joy Kolkata.But it was full of colors and joy.The awesome food,the jovial and friendly people.She made numerous friends in no time.

Ten years have passed since then and she was never able to leave the city.She fell in love with it.She liked this slow pace of life.She always had been different from crowd.People loved to run,she loved to walk,slowly enjoying everything around. Fast moving life in metros repelled her,soured her soul,where people don’t have time even for themselves.She wanted time for herself,to nurture her soul,to let her be with herself.There was some magic in the air of city which charmed her,alluded her.

She was distracted by a voice.It was Mitthu her maid.. “ Didi,cha toyeri hoye gache “ She bought the steaming cup of tea.”Dhonobad Mitthu…tumi giye aaram koro…aamar aar kichu chai naa.”

She was lost again in the trivia of past,present and future.But the past snatched her away from all others and engrossed her thoughts.Her first day in this city,she had been out from her home for the first time.There was fear and excitement amalgamated on her face.But she was beautiful and charming.She used to attract people as honey attracts bee.She shed the shell in which she was hiding within few months and let herself expose to the world.

It was all bright and colorful.She got wings and she flew to heights never known to her.She rediscovered herself.But then he came into her life,into Shreya’s life.He who left her with broken wings and broken heart.She went through excruciating pain,amount of pain she never experienced before in her life.He was a gust of wind who blew her away with him.Her happiness,her girliness,her self.She was swept off and then she was thrashed to the ground.