The dear friend of mine(Mr Hansmukh) yet again came up with one query, for he has of course no better work to do and is blessed with a very curious mind. He was traveling in a flight and had to face a very peculiar problem of having only a single armchair to share with a fellow of the fairer sex sitting next to him. Considering the severity of the problem he decided to come up with a solution for the same for future travels and requested my highly rated and worldly accepted opinion too. ;)

Well the first thought that came into my mind was, the guy should always prove he is a real gentleman but at the same time he needs to abide by his masculinity as well. Hence he should keep his arm on the arm rest and let the lady use his strong and broad shoulders, thus providing more comfort. :D But there can be consequences of this act as follows:

1)      The lady might not understand and consider it rude for him occupying the single armrest, so he should explain that why he occupied the armrest at all.

2)      Once he intimidates her with the availability of his shoulders for comfort, she might end up giving him a tight slap.

3)      She can smile and happily agree thus satisfying the interest of both parties. :D

ImageThe guy may as well occupy the armrest and let the lady use his hand as armrest as suggested by my dear friend and it can be other way round too. But again it can lead to the above mentioned consequences in that order only. Plus the fellow companion may become highly irritated leading to an outrageous action of banging the poor guy’s hand with the armchair itself. Or worse banging his head :P


On sincere thoughts it should be first come first basis, whoever grabs the armchair first, that person should be the owner of the thing during the trip. This reduces the risk of being ‘banged’ by 79.68% as per calculations.

Going further the airline companies should be made aware of this problem and they should frame a policy for who will have the comfort of having the armchair. A reform is definitely in demand as per the times today for this injustice to stop.

And last and most important, why can’t the armchair be shared? Sharing means love and brings peace and contentment to all those who follow this practice.