It was an ordinary day but special for 4 people.4 people who were going to escape from the prison today.Who were going to live there life today amidst the hustle and bustle of the roaring crowd outside the building ,fenced with electric wires around the whole perimeter.

They have been planning for this day since weeks.One day when they will not be bound in secured walls.Rather they will be enjoying the pleasure of the real world outside.Today was the day to their salvation after a long wait.Lets name the prisoned fishes be AM,FN,SK and SS.

AM was skeptical about it,she had her fears that we won’t make it.That we will be caught.But SK and SS were adamant for their freedom and ready to pay any price.FN was an oblivious creature who was OK with everything that came along and if it’s fun,she is always in :P

If everything worked right they were to be free birds anytime between 5.00-5.30 PM.They weren’t escaping in broad daylight.Neither were they escaping in dark.But at the time when sun has decided to take rest and starts its journey back home,creating a charming orange-red pattern in the sky.

AM updated at 2.00 PM.I think it’s not going to work out.I can’t do it.It took lots of efforts by SK to convert the fearful chicken into fearless rooster ;) All was set AM,SK and SS gathered at their meeting place,the cafeteria.But FN was nowhere in picture.Any attempts to reach her were in vain.The clock struck 5.15 PM.It was now or never.They had to go.They tried one last time to reach FN but no response.

AM,SK and SS started off half heartedly without their beloved FN with them.They  reached T1 tower nearest to the exit gate and swiped out.Then went out the security gate and bounds of the building where they spend 9.30 hrs and more banging their heads on the screen and fingers on the keyboard.Tired of the long and continuous meetings and ever demanding client and manager.They have been imprisoned in the confines of the office building.AM received a call just at the gate.Manager(HK) calling….Their heartbeats increased.Are they caught??AM picked up the call and SK and SS hushed their voices.

HK: Take care of your health.Hope to see you early tomorrow in office.The work is to be finished anyhow.

AM: Sure HK.I will finish off the task tomorrow morning but right now my severe headache is taking the toll out of me.

HK:Bye tc.

They all had a sigh of relief.SK escaped saying “Personal emergency,got to go early”

SS: “Working in shift again from 11 PM today”

They had finally broken out of the prison.They were free bird!!!A moment of ecstacy drenched their soul.They had made it.No more issues for today,no more meetings and calls,its just us,our time.They snapped back to reality for the run was useless still.They had to move on.

They saw an auto and stopped it.”Bhaiya,xxxx chaloge kya?We are 4 people need to go to yyyy mall”.

Suddenly SK’s phone sang aloud  “Just gonna stand there and watch me burn”

It was FN calling…

SK picked up.

FN: Manager was giving me some tech lessons.Thanks for in total 30 missed calls in last half an hour,he understood something urgent is there and asked me take off if I need to.

SS and AM patted each other on back for the task. They can see FN coming through the gate.She was walking as slow as tortoise.

It was irking the nerves of the 3 escapees.

FN finally reached them and they took off for meeting their prince charming.They have been planning for this joint date since so many weeks.Finally they will see ‘Hrithik Roshan’.They have heard he is looking damn sexy in  his latest flick ‘ZNMD’ and they didn’t want to miss out the opportunity to adore him onscreen.

After effects:

They drooled over him and were mesmerized by his charm.Their salvation achieved.:D