The dear friend of mine(Mr Hansmukh) always finds himself caught up with peculiar problems and for this time he woke up and found few pimples scattered over his face. This left him amazed and frustrated and when he told me about the great tragedy I was puzzled to great depths ignoring all other feelings, even the pain he was having due to these pimples.

ImageThe reasons it left me so puzzled can be enumerated as follows:

 1) He uses clean and clear face wash and lactocalamine. I mean it’s a deadly combination and always works, why it failed suddenly after all these months of trial and usage?

 2) Ancient legend says if someone gets a pimple on their face then this means someone is having a crush on them.

Well the second reason intimidated me more than the first one of course ;) . And I decided to be the Sherlock Holmes for the day and figure out who the culprit is behind his pimples.

Now I needed more data to carry forward with my investigation. Example:

1)      How many girls he thinks really do like him?

 2)      Who’s the chick who sits nearest to him in office?

 3)      While travelling/walking was the density of females more the day before he got his pimples as someone in crowd may have drooled over him and he would have not known given the cautious and aware person he is of his surroundings.


 4)      Was his maid coming daily since last two weeks and not taken any leaves?

So,I investigated and tried to get the answers for these crucial questions to achieve my goal:

 1) Mmmm..he is too bad with girls,may be there’s some new chick who is stupid enough and has got a stupid crush on him

 2) The nearest chick to him in office is his money plants,I am pretty sure one of them is a girl.


 3) Will need to ask the friend further on this,but given the clumsiness with his walk no one would dare to go even 1 inch near to him while he is travelling/walking, especially if it’s a girl and that too, a smart girl, but anyways the population of stupid gals around increases the probability of this happening by 79.34%

4) I remember the bai saying she won’t come but still showing up…something is definitely fishy and cooking over here,ofcourse in bai’s head :D


So all investigations left with me following results:

1)It is definitely a stupid crush on him by some stupid girl

2)Else it’s the bai crush :P

I ruled out one possibility amongst all this,’fishy’ being the culprit because there’s no way ‘fishy’ can ever have a crush on him.He never takes her along on trips,he never sings her songs,he never chats with her.Poor fishy K

Now the only task is to determine who the stupid girl is with the stupid crush and no one other than him can answer that better. :D