The dear friend of mine Mr Hansmukh, has now been bombarded with a grave problem, for he is getting married now 😀

Just to make sure he isn’t going to be struck with peculiar problems as he usually do after so called marriage,he decided to come up with a marriage agreement and tried framing certain clauses which will help him get through the herculean task. Plus as usual he requested for my highly valued opinion.So here I am, trying to state the essential commandments of marriage which seem appropriate to me. Plus,I have added the Mrs opinion too on the clauses.Given my inexperience in regard of being married please forgive me if I do state something unimportant or irrelevant.

1)      Thou  shall not put a solo pic on FB after marriage:

He insisted that after the wedding he wouldn’t want to be spotted alone in any of the FB profile pics ever. Though the Mrs was a bit skeptical about it, she agreed to the term. After all not alone means she should always have her dad, cousins, neighbor’s kids,friends, her dog,her new plant…anything of that sort in the pic, that will certainly make her look more attractive for sure. 😉


2)      Thou shall not wear heel too long:

He insisted that the Mrs should not wear heel too long considering she might end up looking taller than him. The Mrs agreed to accept this clause too given she can wear boots with heels of any length once in a while due to her infatuation with the same.


3)      Thou shall not physically abuse the other person:

The Mr here insisted that the Mrs should not throw fork,knife and rolling pin,though spoon and bowls are allowed. The Mrs accepted this clause gladly for a change as she is peace maker and believes in living with harmony. Plus given the violent streaks she noticed in the Mr she feels it will protect her as well. 😛 😀


4)      Thou shall not block on whatsapp,facebook and phone:

Given the Mrs once have committed this crime, the Mr wants to be sure she will never ever do it again in her life. I would like to add here that she was sorry for this childish and irrational behavior exhibited that one time and never repeated it again. So she again gladly accepted the clause.


5)      Thou shall wear skirts only of lengths approved:

The Mr wanted Mrs to wear skirts of lengths he will approve,the minimum length would be specified by the Mr as he doesn’t wants her to wear skimpy skirts and attract undue attention.Though The Mrs never wears skirts,except for once a while she approved of the term. This gave her the right to limit the size of Mr’s pant too. The opportunity in disguise of the skirt clause was hard to resist and Mr should be aware of the hazards of this clause for him. 😛


6)      Thou shall always hold hands in mall:

As the Mr proposed stating the reasons as : Mrs for romantic reasons and Mr for economic reasons”. Let me put some more insight into the statement.Given the shopping habits of the Mrs. ,he came up with a solution of holding her hands while in mall to prevent her from shopping. He is trying to control her shopping habits. Mrs would be happy with the romantic approach and Mr will be saved from fishing out bucks from his pocket 😛

Though in all this the Mr have disregarded many other options which will befall on him as and when they visit the mall. 😀 Keeping it a secret till then (*shush*)


7)      Thou shall not have any extra marital affair:

Well the Mrs proposed the clause that an extra marital allowed every 3 years but the Mr dismissed her brilliant idea and proposed “NO” extra marital. He is quite confident only the Mrs will be taking advantage of the clause she stated,so he came up with the slight change from 3 to none.And the Mrs agreed to the clause,like she did to all others.

not allowed

After banging my head on these meaningful and important clauses I couldn’t think of anything else and so the Mr. Hence ending the post here! Adios!

God Bless the Mr! 😀