It’s been a while and I have been looking to grab my hands on a perfect night cream.There are a variety of night creams available but the prices are smoking high! There were only a few which suited my budget and I found reasonable to invest in. Here goes the list as per the hunt with pros and cons:

1) L’oreal pearl perfect night cream :

It costs 599 Rs for 50ml. I tried to hunt for a smaller pack but it is not available in market. Though the day cream is available in smaller and bigger packs.The reviews have been awesome about this one and I am very keen to get my hands on it and try it. Sleeping sounds even more fun now! 😉 This cream promises to provide skin whitening though most of the reviews say it doesn’t fits that bill much but definitely provides skin radiance and leaves it supple,smooth and reduces dark spots and clears blemishes. The cons have been noted as a tingling sensation for few minutes after application and of course the price.

2) Body shop night creams:There are a range of night creams available at the body shop but are too expensive for the matter. Nonetheless, they are considered to be having less chemicals and pretty effective to what they promise.

3)Neutrogena night cream:This one is expensive plus had very bad reviews wherever I looked at. It is marked to have been making skin very oily and may be will suit those with very dry skin.

4)Garnier light night cream: Best part about this cream is,it is available in a small pack of 18g for Rs 100 only! I am trying my hands on this one currently and planning for Loreal one next. It makes the skin glow but does makes it look oily when applied. Will add in the details after few more nights of experimenting.

5)Olay night cream: All good words about this cream on most of the review sites. But I have tried my hands on one olay cream and it didn’t quite work for me. I have a pretty sensisitve skin. I was left with dark spots over my face and looking more aged than younger. So I am not planning to even try this one despite the good words because of my personal experience with the other cream of this range.

If anyone has tried any other night cream which is in budget and effective please do pour in your suggestions.Also, you are welcome to add in your experience with any of the creams mentioned above.